Accept Payment Anytime, Anywhere with Merchant Stronghold’s Merchant Account Services

Credit Card Processing Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards made easy with our Merchant Account. It’s fast and Seamless! If you are already processing, so let us beat those rates.
With the state-of-the-art technology, give your customers the edge and grow your business with our Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing Solutions.

Online Payment Gateway

Our customized online Payment Gateway Solutions and Electronic Payment Solutions can help create innovation in sales techniques. As a result, it is an easier user experience for your customers.

Chargeback Management and Fraud Monitoring

An additional coat of protection for your business. Our Chargeback Management service is second to none.
Chargeback Prevention Alerts and Fraud Monitoring services to help ensure that your profits stay there and you are safe with your International Payment Solutions.

Offshore Merchant Account

Merchants can process with one of many Merchant Stronghold global processing solutions. Also, diversify your processing to a whole new level by accepting payments by processing credit cards and debit cards or E-checks from the customers anywhere, anytime around the globe.
You can get paid for selling your product internationally because you have the direct connection with your customers, paid directly into your account.

ACH and E-Check Processing Merchant Account

Extend your customers with the option of ACH/E-Check Processing Merchant Account and give them the ability to save a stamp and envelope.
Offer multiple payment options and increase your business’s profitability, business owners can accept payments without asking your customers to send the check physically via post, instead, have the details and docs signed from them, and accept payment in our Payment Processing System/ Merchant Account.

Retail Merchants- Free Verifone VX 520

EMV Technology enabled POS system with all kinds of safety features. It is Wireless, Solid and Fast Verifone VX 520.
It is time to avail our all-in-one package set to capture client partials at checkout

Shawn Varughese

“I just want to take this time to quickly give some great feedback from our team. You have done a great job working with us and getting us through this complicated process of getting us a payment processor for our website. I appreciate your quick response times to all our inquiries and keeping us updated on all actives that were being done in a very timely manner. We know you worked very hard getting our process completely and the work you have done is great and we really appreciate it! ”

Shawn Varughese| Zen Boards LLC. | West Chester, PA

John Hwang

“Writing to express my gratitude for the excellent service I’ve received thus far from Stronghold.He’s been great with following up and answering my questions, as well as getting me to act on my deliverables. I look forward to our continued collaboration. ”

John Hwang| JGE Ventures Inc. | Buena Park, CA

Marc Epperson

“Merchant Stronghold is an amazing team who brings the value-added services to any project and reliable to work with. There ability to go into the details of any project and understating the needs of the client or clients is incredible. There business intelligence, strategic analysis, capacity to handle multiple responsibilities and focused decisions are the key points of all there clients personality. Merchant Stronghold is simply the best when comes to providing accurate service for hard to place merchants I personally wish them best of luck and I personality recommend them. They have help my business tremendously and I’m very grateful and proud to say this .”

Marc Epperson| Eppepay LLC. | Los Angeles, California

John Russell

“I have worked with this company for a little over 6 months. So, they have provided superior service to me and my clients. Company has a relationship with most, if not all of the top processors. Needless to say, they have years of experience in the payment processing industry. There turn around time in getting MID’s to you is very fast. Professionals are keeping you up to date during the process. I give them a 5 star because they are always going above and beyond!”

John Russell| Dumonte Marketing, LLC. | Provo , Utah

Glade Tidwell

“I just wanted to say thanks for the business . I was reviewing your account today and I appreciate your efforts.  We look forward to continuing this successful partnership. Thanks again!”

Glade Tidwell| Network Merchants, LLC | Roselle, Illinois

Aleks Radovic

“Highly recommend! Great merchant solutions and their support team is practically available 24/7 for any questions/assistance. Good Job MSH!”

Aleks Radovic| MYTechion Inc | Montreal, Quebec

Eli Burbank

“We spent a lot of time trying to find the right solution for merchant services. Merchant Stronghold were extremely helpful and successful in securing and guiding us in the right direction. Their personal attention to detail and customer support is the best we have experienced. We would recommend Merchant Stronghold for all processing needs. Thank you again for being an excellent partner.”

Eli Burbank| Support Docs Inc | Sandy Utah

Vernon Ryan

“The experience with Merchant Stronghold has been awesome. I appreciate the assistance given. Customer service is outstanding and is often accompanied by patience.”

Vernon Ryan| National Enterprise Consultants, LLC | Lithonia, GA

Fred Velez

“I like Stronghold team…sometimes the surprise calls – that could be handled better, perhaps a bit more of communicating beforehand, giving notice like: hey we are thinking of trying to get a call on such and such a day and time, are you available? aside from that, I think you guys work hard… Apoorv and his team do a good job, he is trying to do as I have requested in terms of protocol so overall “Im happy”.

Fred Velez| Miami, Florida

George Alex

“eCommerce Business Needs someone to understand their need and get the right solution. Merchant Stronghold and their team gets a Thumbs Up ! from Russia 🙂 🙂 ”.

George Alex

Geeks Insta

“Best merchant service provider in this world . (Y) ”.

Geeks Insta| New Delhi

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