Accept payment , Anytime , Anywhere With Merchant Stronghold’s Merchant Account Services.

Credit Card Processing Merchant Account.

Accept Credit Cards Easy with our MERCHANT ACCOUNT, Fast and seamless ! If you already processing , Let us beat those rates.

With the state of the art technology give your customers the edge and grow your business with our Merchant Services and Credit card processing Solutions.

Online Payment Gateway

Our customized online payment gateway solutions and Electronic payment Solutions can help create innovation in sales techniques and an easier user experience for your customers!

Chargebacks Management and Fraud Monitoring

Additional coat of protection for your business with Chargeback Management.

Chargeback Prevention Alerts and Fraud Monitoring services to help ensure that your profits stay there and you are safe with your International payment solutions.

Offshore Merchant Account

Merchants now can process with one of many Merchant Stronghold global processing solutions and diversify your processing to a whole new level by accepting payments by processing Credit cards/Debit cards/ or E-checks from the customers anywhere, in anyway, from the world.

You can get paid for selling your product internationally because you have the direct connection with your customers, and paid directly into your account.


ACH and E-Check Processing Merchant Account

Extend your customers with the option of ACH/E-Check Processing merchant Account and give your customers the ability to save a stamp and envelope.

Offer multiple payment options and increase your business profitability, as you can accept payments without asking your customers to send the check physically via post, you just need to have the details and docs signed from the customers, and accept payment in our Payment processing system/ merchant account.


Retail Merchants- Free Verifone VX 520

EMV Technology enabled ,POS system with all kind of safety, Wireless ,Solid and Fast Verfione VX 520. Process, Up sell, Without Setup fees.

And convert with our all in one package specifically set to capture client partials at checkout!