American Express Merchant Services – A Quick Review

American Express Merchant Services

American Express Merchant Services – Do you accept American Express Card for your business? If not then you should start considering it too.
You can say American Express as Amex. It is a multinational financial service that also happens to be a popular card network. Along with that, American Express Merchant Services is a division of the Amex that works with merchants to process the various transactions in their business.
Amex operates as both card issuer and acquirer which results in slightly different rules for the merchants if you are comparing with Visa or MasterCard.
Just read the following article which helps you to understand the American Express Merchant Services before getting them.

American Express Fees & Rates

The first question most of the merchant asks before getting merchant services is often related to fees. The prices set for the Amex are transparent and follows a robust plan.
Also, American Express is continuously working to promote small businesses with their new ventures like opt Blue Merchant Services.
In exchange for the payment processing network, American Express charges fees. However, the breakdown of these charges can be too much for users sometimes to understand. To understand these charges, you can simply contact the American Express Customer Services and ask for the details.

American Express Contract Details

Now American Express Offers many great features that a merchant might prefer. Here are some benefits a merchant get with American Express Merchant Services:

  1. Early Termination Fee – None
  2. PCI Compliance Fee – None
  3. Equipment Lease Terms – None

Amex services attracted many merchants because of no charges for PCI Compliance and early termination fees which plays an important role. And the transaction rate is typically based on a merchant’s sales volume and business type and set upon account activation.
Also, it is noted that other processing charges are same as Visa and MasterCard.
However, many merchants get Visa and MasterCard processing services from 3rd party processor. And later on, pitch the Amex Services. In such cases, the merchant has to pay some charges to the 3rd party processor, not the Amex. When American Express doesn’t chargeback any extra money for the same.

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American Express Chargeback Dispute

When going for the American Express Merchant Services, you should gather as much information related to chargeback as possible. As we discussed the chargeback reason code for the Amex are different than the other card networks.
However, a merchant should know about chargeback and related rules if the Amex card is going to be used in the business.
Study the various reason codes of the American Express and get as much information as possible. Unlike Visa and MasterCard who outsource merchant services, American Express manages most of their services inside.
Therefore, you should expect transparency with their fees structure and their performance as well.

Technical Support & Customer Service

As we said, Amex handles most of their service in order to offer comfort to their users along with the complete trust in the brand. Also, American Express is known to offer a great customer service to their users. And the same criteria are applied to the American Express Merchant Services.
In case you are still confused then feel free to contact the Merchant Stronghold and get all the information regarding the Amex and their services. For that, you can place a call at the toll-free number i.e. +1 (888) 622 – 6875 or simply try the 24/7 email support.

American Express Merchant Services


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