A Merchant’s Guide to Process Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change – A recent fluctuation in the card payment industry has overwhelmed a lot of merchants. With new changes to the rules of card processing, it is becoming difficult for the merchants to keep track of them while managing a business. However, these changes are also necessary to maintain the diffusion of currency lawful.
In this article, we discuss the details related to Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change. We will discuss old and new rules related to the payment after signature. For more information, feel free to contact Merchant Stronghold at the toll-free number.

What was the Earlier Credit Card Payment Rule?

The MasterCard was the first network to announce the change. Before that, credit card payment followed these rules:

  • Before the year 2017, a cardholder needs to sign over the payment slip after the successful transaction.
  • And that slip was kept by the merchant as a document of a genuine purchase.
  • Now, in case of chargeback or fraud, a merchant is allowed to use this payment slip as a piece of evidence.
  • The other card networks such as Visa, Discover, and American Express were also following the same steps.

But slowly it was noticed that these changes were really not that helpful. And the number of card frauds cases remained unchanged.
After reviewing the market, the MasterCard revised the strategies by eliminating the necessity of signing the payment slip for Magnetic Stripe and EMV transactions. And for sure, Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change has been affected a lot.

Why There was Need to Make Changes to the New Rule?

Other card networks such as Visa, American Express followed over the steps of the MasterCard. But the Visa made it optional to sign on the receipt. Here are factors that made card networks to change the norms related to signature.

  • The Card brands wanted to speed up the payment process by eliminating a step that is Signature.
  • Also, a signature is not a strong evidence to fight against chargeback/fraud for a merchant.
  • Most of the signatures were unrecognized by the customers.
  • Also, most of the people are adopting the internet banking methods, where signature rules are not applicable.
  • Moreover, by applying the proper safety instruments, a merchant can reduce the card fraud and number of chargebacks. And new methods are more reassuring than the previous ones.

This is one of the most recent changes and many customers are not aware of this. The process of Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change is a lot easy. However, many customers still wait to sign the slip after making the payment.

How does this affect a Merchant?

The Merchants are most affected by these changes. Also, some of them are in favor of the changes while others were not that satisfied with the changes. These new changes have left the merchant with one question, “How to Process Credit Card Payments After Signature Rule Change?” Here are some important guidelines for a merchant that can help them understand the new process.

  • The Payment Processing will be fast now.
  • A receipt with signature was not at all helpful to fight against reversal cases.
  • Alternatively, they are provided with a new set of rules that are also applicable to the Internet banking and similar transactions.
  • It will reduce the need to keep every piece of paper stored for the merchant.
  • As the online details or digital details would be enough to help with the further processing.

So, with the positive effects of the signature rule change on credit card payment mode, we can say that the payment experience has become much better for both merchant and customers.

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