Credit Card Acceptance that is flexible for your home, Auto, or Device Warranties business. Merchant Stronghold offers the best range of solutions that can fulfill your business needs. Credit Card Acceptance is essential for your Home, Auto or Device Warranty business.
These days handful of customers want to pay via traditional methods. The credit card payment system is the next generation method that most customers prefer in this modern era. How can you start accepting credit card payments?
By using Merchant Stronghold’s leading payment gateway services. Merchant Accounts can accept all card brands and support all types of credit and debit cards. We provide affordable and simple credit card processing service to help merchants pay full attention towards growing the businesses.

The range of Credit card Solutions

Credit Card Acceptance services are crucial for Home, Auto or Device Warranties business. Your business can accept credit card anywhere in the world. Here are some of the services that we offer:

● Retail Credit Card Processing – POS Terminals
● Website Credit Card Processing – API Technology
Virtual Terminal Setup – Key in Transactions
● Payment Gateway Set Up – or

There is a range of services that can help your business. We can quickly setup merchant account at affordable rates. We offer credit card processing for various businesses including restaurants, gas stations, Home, Auto, Device Warranties, and more.

Accept All Type of Card Brands

Merchant stronghold is capable of providing the secure and quick account that can accept:

● MasterCard
● Discover
● Visa
● Diners Club
American Express

Our interchange and dues rates are low as compare to most merchant account companies, and we keep our Businesses our first priority. There aren’t many account providers that can match us in technology. Using Merchant Stronghold’s services, you will be able to run business flexibility, knowing that your money is protected.
No heavy charges on you at any stage, the rates are low and credit card accepting services won’t take much of your total profit. Our certified team is capable of protecting sensitive data including card numbers and anything can expose customer’s identity.
Our customer support team is always ready to answer any question about credit card payments and merchant accounts.Best Merchant Solution for Home, Auto or Device Warranties business
Merchant Stronghold has many associations and partner acquiring ISO’s and their Banks. Should your business want particular service with your merchant account, you can inform us and we will try our best to offer you services that you want. We have the solution that can be integrated with any size of business.
For businesses that are still growing, we have quick solutions, tailored to their needs. We are among the best online
merchant services for medium and small-scale business. For larger companies, we have pro services having powerful tools that can keep your business running for a long time.

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Easy way to Accept Payments

  • Affordable Rates : Rates are very affordable. Accepting payments won’t take a bite out of your profits.
  • Serious Security : Our PCI certified solution means that your most sensitive data, including credit card numbers, remains safe.
  • Expert Support : Our team of experts is here to provide that human touch when you have any questions about processing or accepting payments.

Credit Card Processing



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