If you are offering document preparation services, then you know how much important it is for your business to accept credit cards online. For any small or large scale business the hardest part is to choose the correct credit card processor that fits the right technology and business needs. There are number of merchant account provider companies available in the eCommerce World and they offer many ways for business to accept credit cards. Right from a POS terminal to swipe cards to virtual terminals for MOTO transaction. Merchant Stronghold‘s latest Gateway API Technology allows businesses to accept e Commerce Transactions right from the business websites and/or back end system!

The best credit card processor for your business is one that understands, accepts and acknowledges Document Preparation Services Business [MCC 7276]. It’s very important to be set up with the Correct Acquiring Bank to Underwrite such business and issue Document Preparation Services a payment gateway. Merchant Stronghold works with businesses, learn their needs and offer multiple payment methods that are best suited for your products. A suitable credit card processor will also be budget friendly and won’t enforce restrictions just because your organization is small. Here are some of our credit card processing benefits:

Online Virtual Terminal and API Technology
It is an easy online solution that is used worldwide. It doesn’t ask you to pay setup fee, you can start processing right away. There are multiple checkout systems that you can integrate in your document preparation service website. It is packed with features and options that can be tailored to suite your business. Stronghold offers flexible credit card for all type of business with high and low sales. We have a budget friendly price and is best suited for document preparation services. It is designed especially for startups and small scale businesses. We also offer additional services like multi-currency account, extend credit to customers, and 24 hours support.

Secure Credit Card Processing for MCC 7276
It is one of the fast and easy way to accept credit cards offering credit card processing gateways and related services. If you operate in either retail, mail order, e-commerce, or telephone order, Merchant Stronghold is a suitable solution for your business.

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Merchant Stronghold: Our methodology
To offer best credit card solution, we start by asking questions from business owners about their previous experience. We also ask what business they like and dislike, and whether they will recommend to others.
We create a list of options that will be suitable for your document preparation services. We also look closely on reputable similar businesses to find what they are using. When research is completed, Stronghold is able to provide the best possible credit card solution. Accept Payment Anytime, Anywhere.

Document Preparation for Merchant Account


  • 1. DL
  • 2. Personal Bank Statement


  • 1. AOI
  • 2. EIN
  • 3. Business Bank Statements
  • 4. Void Check or Bank Letter