DKK – Danish Krone

Danish Krone Overview

The Danish Krone is the currency of Denmark.The currency code for Kroner is DKK, and the currency symbol is KR.You can find Danish Krone rates and Currency converter at Merchant Stronghold.

Currency in Denmark initial came into existence in 1625 with the introduction of the Danish Rigsdaler. The Rigsdaler was a sophisticated currency, victimization 3 subunits: the mark, skilling, and Pfenning. The system lacked decimalisation and continued to be used until the creation of Scandinavian financial Union in 1873. The Union tributary Denmark, Norway, and Sverige to mend their various currencies against gold, at par with each other, to make financial stability.

In 1875, the Danish krone was introduced as Denmark’s official medium of exchange. The Scandinavian financial Union dissolved in 1914 once the gold customary was abandoned globally. Denmark unbroken the Krone currency and tried to mend it to the gold customary once more in 1924, however for good left it in 1931.

The Krone underwent another modification once it absolutely was pegged to the German Reichsmark throughout the German occupation of 1940-1945. it absolutely was re-pegged to British people Pound and North American country dollar following the tip of the war.


Currency Facts

DKK Stats

Name: Danish Krone

Symbol : Kr

Minor Unit :
1/100 = Øre

Top DKK Conversion: DKK/EUR

Top DKK Chart :

DKK Profile

Inflation : 0.30%

Coins : Freq Used: kr.1, kr.2, kr.5, kr.10, kr.20, 50

Banknotes : Freq Used:kr.50, kr.100, kr.200, kr.500, kr.1000

Central Bank : 
Danmarks Nationalbank

Users: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland


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