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Rupiah:Rupiah is Indoneshia Currency that was issued on 1946. Indoneshia (Rupiah Currency) code is IDR. You can easily convert here any currency at Merchant Stronghold.
Rupiah is official currency of Indoneshia that is issued and controlled by BOI (Bank of Indoneshia)

Overview Indoneshia Currency

Indonesia has a mixed economy in which both the private and government play an important role. The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The Indoneshia country shared land borders with three islands with New Guinea , Papua, and East Timor ,Malaysia. Indoneshia Neighbour countries are include Singapore, Australia, Philippines and the Andaman and Nicobar are indian territory islands. Denominations of Coin range from 25 to 1,000 rupiah. Indoneshia Banknotes denominations circular range from 100 to 100,000 rupiah.

Many Indonesians people call the rupiah ”perak”, which indonesian means “silver”.
Despite the hyperinflation, Indonesia has never renamed its national currency.

Rupiah Symbol: Rp
Rupiah Currency Code: IDR
Date of issued: 1946
Authority: Bank of Indonesia
Coin Denominations: range from 25 to 1000
Banknotes Denominations: range from 100 to 100000 rupiah

Did you know:

The most popular conversions of Indian rupee are INR/Bangladeshi taka INR/Sri Lankan rupee INR/Pakistani rupee The most asked changes of Indonesian rupiah are: IDR/Malaysian ringgit IDR/Philippine peso IDR/US dollar
The Indian rupee was introduced on 17 Aug 1835 (182 years ago). the Indonesian rupiah is used since 13 Dec 1965 (52 years ago).
The Indonesian rupiah has 5 coins ( Rp50, Rp100, Rp200, Rp500 and Rp1000 ), there are 6 banknotes for the Indonesian rupiah ( Rp2000, Rp5000, Rp10000, Rp20000, Rp50000 and Rp100000 ).

Current Indonesian rupiahs coins and banknotes Today,


Regarding banknotes

Currency Facts

IDR Stats

Name: Indonesian Rupiah

Symbol: Rp

Minor Unit:
1/100 = Sen (obsolete)

Top IDR Conversion:

Top IDR Chart:

IDR Profile

Inflation: 3.80%

Freq Used: Rp100, Rp200, Rp500
Rarely Used: Rp50, Rp1000

Freq Used: Rp1000, Rp2000, Rp5000, Rp10000, Rp20000, Rp50000, Rp100000

Central Bank:
Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia

Users: Indonesia, East Timor

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