ILS – Israeli Shekel

Israeli Shekel Overview

The Israeli Shekel is the currency of Israel.The currency code for New Shekels is ILS, and the currency symbol is ₪. You can find Israeli Shekel rates and Currency converter at Merchant Stronghold.

The first major currency to be utilized in the State of Israel was the Israeli lira, conjointly called the Israeli pound. it absolutely was initial utilized in August 1948 and remained in use till twenty four Feb 1980, once it absolutely was replaced by the recent sheqel. Israeli lira banknotes were originally issued by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, however, in 1952 the Anglo-Palestine Bank changed its name to Bank Leumi Le-Yisrael. Then, in 1955, the Bank of Israel was established and formally took on the responsibility of supply banknotes. The lira was originally divided into one,000 prutot, on the other hand in 1960 this was modified to one hundred arorot.

Both the lira and also the recent Israeli monetary unit saw frequent devaluations against the United States of America dollar and different foreign currencies beginning within the early Sixties and thickening within the mid-1970s. This led to hyperinflation of the recent Israeli monetary unit within the mid-1980s, that successive junction rectifier to the enactment of the 1985 Economic Stabilization arranges to management inflation. it absolutely was this economic set up that introduced the new Israeli monetary unit.

The new Israeli monetary unit formally replaced the recent Israeli monetary unit at a quantitative relation of one000:1 beginning on 1 Jan 1986.

Currency Facts

ILS Stats

Name: Israeli Shekel


Minor Unit:
1/100 = Agorat

Top ILS Conversion:

Top ILS Chart:

ILS Profile

Inflation: -0.50%

Freq Used: ₪0, ₪2, ₪5, ₪10, 10

Freq Used: ₪20, ₪50, ₪100, ₪200

Central Bank:
Bank of Israel

Users: Israel, Palestinian Territories


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