XAU – Gold Ounce

The Gold Ounce is the Currency of XAU – Gold Ounce (US Dollar), the Abbreviation for the XAU (Au) from the Latin aurum, Gold is a metallic element factor that has the form of a solid, light, bright yellow metal. Gold has been generally used as a transport for financial exchange, either through gold coins and bullion or through paper currency backed by gold stores.

Overview XAU – Gold Ounce

A symbol for the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index, an index of valuable metal opening company stocks that are traded on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. The ISO 4217 official code for one troy ounce of gold, considered as a currency. An authentication protocol library to X Window System. a global full-reserve business and gold-based business services company which allows full reserve expensive metal focused financial services encompassing savings, payments, wealth services, dealing, execution, custody, and research.

XAU – Gold Ounce state currency is the XAU – Gold Ounce (AU) which comes in notes denominations: N/A

XAU – Gold Ounce state currency is the XAU – Gold Ounce (AU) which comes in Coins denominations: N/A

Importance Facts for Currency Banknote:

  • XAU Stats name: XAU – Gold Ounce
  • Qatari Riyal Symbol: Sign (AU)
  • Authority: Reserve Nil
  • Countries: Nil

Currency Facts

XAU Stats

Name: Gold Ounce

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