Card and Electronic Payment Acceptance

Card and Electronic Payment Acceptance

Accepting Payments from Credit Card, VISA, Master card with PCI, EMV, POS Merchant Account, E-checks, 100% safety with Merchant Stronghold
or any other electronic method is one of the fast and secured options for business to grow their business and customer’s trust. Our variety of electronic and card payment solutions and support will help your business to grow and use these technologies with confidence.

Retail outlets
Countertop Point of Sale terminal

If you are looking for an easy card payment acceptance solution with static POS terminal. Merchant Stronghold’s POS terminal solution is the best option for retail outlets that accepts debit and credit card payments. In addition to acceptance, this terminal also helps you to accept and check the loyalty gift transfers and cards.

EMV and other global wallet service acceptance of payment

As a result, Merchant Stronghold’s, latest technology-enabled NFC/EMV countertop solution for retail business will help you to collect payment by swiping the card or by online payment wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and others. Use of this technology will help you to grow confidence of customers as most of the adult smartphone users prefer paying by these services. Additionally, using EMV/NFC will help you to be ready for liability shift coming in upcoming years.

Online Payment acceptance
Virtual/Authorization terminal

Merchant Stronghold provides you the access of Application Program Interface (API), to connect with your e-Commerce website or application to collect electronic payment with security. As the API integration needs some of the pre-requirements to be fulfilled by the website in terms of security concerns we assist you to check if your application is PCI Compliant or not. This PCI Compliance creates a network layer which helps you to improve the reliability and security of your website or application.

Some e-Commerce websites offer subscription plans for their products. For this, business needs to have an additional solution deployed for recurring transactions is also provided by Merchant Stronghold. For clearing eCheck, Merchant Stronghold helps business to keep the track while notifying businesses about the recurring needs.

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

There are few business types that sometimes demands to collect payment on the go. For this facility, Merchant Stronghold helps you. You get the access to the mobile physical device to collect payment through cards by swiping. This is the best for merchant solution that is fulfilling the requirement of the merchants who are constantly working on the move.

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*Point Of Sale machine commonly known as POS*

WHY POS – The first and most important reason why is that your customers find our services convenient. When a business accepting payments through POS the business is favouring to a huge customer base by referrals & rewards. When a business is relying on electronic POS; merchants have access to live records and reports involving salad, inventory, catalog, business traffic, deals, and special offers

What is Virtual Terminal?
Virtual terminal is network based function which allows merchants to accept customer payments via credit card or debit card using their internet connection by swiping or clicking. You can see this type of technology in many shops or an e-commerce website.

How does electronic payment work?
At the first level the issuing bank confirms the payments. Next the issuing bank sends the payment to the acquiring bank through card network. Which is later accepted by payment gateway.




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