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Escort Merchant Account

Escort Business Service Accept Credit Card Processing for High Risk Escort Merchant Account

During the last numerous years, escort services have become one of the quickest growing industries. Having the abilities of credit card processing to your escort commercial enterprise will offer the first-class comfort for your customers. By allowing credit card payments, you can grow sales. Merchant Stronghold offers escort merchant accounts which are specially designed for online, in-app. Get in touch with Merchant Stronghold to manage your escort merchant account today.

Your escort business is commonly included with the frightening task of looking to be authorized and set up with an escort merchant account. Escort merchants need to pursue a financial institution that works ordinarily with escort companies and understands the extended high risk that comes with the industry.

Escort merchant accounts are available for domestic and offshore banks allowing escort agencies everywhere inside the world international to be authorized and setup with an account. The banks we are capable of use from our banking network substantially greatly depend on the location of the organization. If the merchant is in the United States., we’re capable of to submit your account to a number of different banks. Merchants based totally outside of the United States may be submitted to different offshore banks one at a time depending on charges and approvals. We start with the lowest rate banks and observe to greater banks if required.

Payment Solutions:

  • Offshore
  • Domestic
  • E-commerce
  • Retail

Escort Industry facing the difficulties

Although the enterprise has visible large growth, banks and creditors keep looking the adult orientated nature of escort services as a High Risk. just like the Adult industry has regulations and policies, so do the providers of Merchant Accounts. Even if you are a longtime business with transaction history, finding a processor this is willing to work with a high risk business can show hard. Financial institutions have categorized escort businesses as High Risk for Some reasons which include:

  • Dispute Rates and High Chargebacks
  • Rules and strict Laws

Chargebacks and dispute can happen when a client is attempting to conceal data from a spouse/family. And, if they are utilizing a stolen card. Different dangers incorporate merchants who utilize their site as a front for money laundering or even to sell prohibited prostitution. Merchant Stronghold can get your merchant account approved quick and simple, no matter the tendencies institutions may also have toward this industry.

Merchant Stronghold will help you to Approve Escort Merchant Accounts.

Signing up for an escort service merchant account at Merchant Stronghold is straightforward. you may rest confident that your prices will never boom for the whole lifetime of your partnership at Merchant Stronghold with our Lifetime price Lock assure. Get custom designed credit card processing solutions especially to meet your enterprise needs. help reduce the risk of chargebacks on your escort organization with secure and safe payment gateways.

Our U.S. based customer support service team is therefore ready to help. Get help with account questions, recommendation on credit card readers and to set up your online credit card processing account. Get more information to contact our Merchant Account Specialist.

Escort Business Service deserve Best Merchant Account

Customers who used escort offering benefits security and protection. The high-quality manners to make sure both are to have an escort service merchant account. Because of the truth that escort services consider intently, protecting customer information is important. So, escort merchant accounts use through Payment gateways which might follow PCI standards. Which means the customer’s information can be very secure and safe.

Fast Payment Solutions

Escort services want to be like a legitimate enterprise. Because of this, your business desires to raise money for you to pay your vendors and employees.
You can work your approach to record benefits with adaptable payment gateway alternatives via High Risk Solutions.

Now Start Today!

You are here to contact High Risk business Solutions about being able to start your escort payment processing business with securely and reliably.
You can get started by filling out the application form Merchant services or by calling 1-888-622-6875 to speak with our helpful staff directly. Within minutes, you can be on your way to success in the adult-related industry.

Escort Merchant accounts are typically setup inside one week. The time allotment depends for the most part on the organization that is applying and the bank that is underwriting the account. The application is exceptionally direct and a couple of few documents are there to go with the application including; a photo ID, voided check, bank statement, processing statements, and corporate documents. As a result, if the business is a start-up, a few documents will be inaccessible. It is essential that the merchant provides a number of records as possible in order to expedite the underwriting process.

After approval, an agreement is draft and deliver to the merchant. Once return, login credentials deliver and merchants can start joining and begin to start running transactions. Setup of the merchant account and virtual terminal effectively process. Your organization’s website specialist will be able to configure the virtual terminal to fit the requirements of your business. So, after the setup is complete, the merchant will begin running live transactions. Instead of the test transactions that have already been previously running.

We Process Payments For:

  • Adult Dating Listings
  • Online Dating Sites
  • New Startups Business
  • Established Companies
  • Spa Business
  • Tech Support Business
  • Nutraceuticals

Hence, credit card fraud is an ever developing epidemic. Consistently we read about the freshest security breach and the impact it had on the organization. When you are searching for an escort merchant provider, pick one that offers something other than payment processing but also the peace of mind.

Our banking networks organize works, especially with escort organizations. They know what sort of transactions will be there (estimate, recurrence and so forth). Not at all like different banks that will rapidly close accounts. That they see as unsafe, our banks completely comprehend the escort business. When you choose to work with our organization, you work with a pioneer and in the escort payment industry.

In addition, escort and adult merchants are valuable and setup generally inside one week. Dependable merchant services and are the backbone of any business, mainly an escort business. Merchants have the capacity to integrate their website(s) with the comfortable safe and secure payment gateway, allowing their customers to buy their products or services in actual-time. Merchants also are capable of using the digital terminal. This is for all merchant accounts with the intention to manually technique customer payments.

So, good merchant services can be hard to find, but Merchant Stronghold offers merchant accounts for Escort Services customized to your business. So, simply click below to start today.


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