ID theft Protection

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ID theft Protection

Add a merchant account to your online ID theft Protection business and keep your customers happy. As a result, by providing multiple payment methods to customers will return you trust and money.

So If you are starting or already started your ID theft Protection Company and like to accept credit card payments then you just need an online merchant account. Because this is the account where your customer’s card details are sent for verification.

Hence, once the details of the customer’s card get verified, money is transferred to your company’s bank account.

Finally you would like to integrate this solution into your website than Merchant Stronghold can help you to get your API settings. And our supervisors will help you set up your Merchant account within hours.

Our team will give you advice on merchant accounts so that you can start as new or switch current provider and save money.

Internationally Recognized Platform

Merchant Stronghold has setup many accounts of ID theft protection companies. Our online merchant account provides convenient multi-currency solutions, so that you can offer better service to your customers.

You also get some advance reporting tools to view all past transactions and track progress of your business.

You can filter previous transactions based on country or all together. We are the best online merchant account providers recognized worldwide.

As we provide a single source of contact for your ID theft protection business. And also handles every aspect of online merchant accounts:

  • Transaction processing,
  • Settlement,
  • Charge-back,
  • Risk,
  • Underwriting,
  • Reporting, and
  • Customer service.

Merchant Stronghold maintain a controlled and efficient service to ensure your business needs are fulfilled. Stronghold offers variety of payment solutions to meet business needs and point of sale, from mobile to e-commerce.

Type of payment methods to integrate

  • Credit and Debit cards: There are various options in this category: Master card, Diners club, Visa card, American Express, local card brands and more.
  • Electronic check services: Personal and business checks can safely be converted into electronic transactions with credit card processing.
  • Mobile Payment: Virtual merchant account works well with most devices. This service utilize technical and hardware infrastructure.
  • Online payments: The best part is that you can provide payment solution to thousands of users. Install our gateway for your store and minimize security concerns.

Why banks charge money?

Card processing is a very complex process. Therefore when someone purchases anything by using credit or debit card, first of all that information is transferred from retailer to acquirer (the bank that actually process payment).

Hence all these costs are important for transactions, which is why we offer best and secure online merchant accounts with low and affordable cost to business owners.

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