Merchant account services worth high quality can be provided to you by Merchant Stronghold irrespective of your geographical location. Business owners from various countries are opting for our services regularly. For processing credit cards, merchants don’t need to depend on a single merchant account; our international banking partners are always there to help our customers.

Our huge network of international merchant accounts include –

  • Merchant services

    When it comes to serving global businesses, a wide range of merchant accounts are offered by Merchantstronghold. Your business requirements are bound to find the right solutions from online merchant account, MOTO and retail merchant account services. Besides providing offshore and international merchant accounts to e-commerce merchants, we also serve them with merchant accounts that fall under high-risk and low-risk categories. Merchantstronghold even serves specific industries with merchant account solutions that involve webcams, adult videos, online dating as well as payday loans. You must gather more knowledge on merchant account services provided by Merchant Stronghold before you get registered with us –

  • Payment Gateway Services

    Our payment gateway is PCI compliant and is shown under our online merchant services. For managing the online transactions of our clients more effectively, a user-friendly environment is provided by our payment gateway. A few expert developers in our team of professionals are entrusted with the task of maintaining this gateway. Our virtual terminal can be accessed by you without any extra cost once you qualify as a Moto merchant. It will enable you to accept credit cards through mail orders or via phone calls. Know more about the payment gateway provided by Merchantstronghold .

  • Credit Card Processing Services

    Merchantstrongholdoffers a variety of credit card processing services alongside multiple merchant accounts. China UnionPay, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Discover, Visa and JCB are a few of the major banks that can provide you with credit cards. Payments received in a little over 160 currencies can be processed by merchants. Euros, GBP and USD are some of the most used currencies. You must acquire more information on the credit card processing services.

  • Shopping Cart Services

    When it comes to making your e-commerce website more user-friendly, you’ll need to identify the right shopping cart. Our Merchant Stronghold payment gateway works well with 40 shopping carts that are quite popular. PrestaShop, Magento, Zen Cart, X-Cart and osCommerce are a few of the shopping carts that have gained much popularity in the recent times. The payment modules included by Merchant Stronghold  shopping cart services for each of these modules are free. Acquire more knowledge on our shopping modules and carts.