Merchant Stronghold: Best payment Service Provider for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Merchant Stronghold: Best payment Service Provider for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Payment service providers consider Travel Agencies and tour operators (MCC 4722) high risking businesses. They are sometimes called unsecure because of high volume of transactions, high cancellation rate, risk of chargebacks, and non-authorization payments. Other companies such as casinos, Wal-Mart, and adult sites are also among high risk. Merchant Stronghold is providingmerchant accounts to high risk businesses for a long time, and a series of features have been implemented to minimize the damage.

Real time payment processing

One of the simplest measures is to define high risk accounts. Real time processing is a way to recognize or point out frauds. Instead of waiting for approval and accepting payment at a scheduled date, real time payment is processed at the moment. It is an essential requirement for Travel Agencies and tour operators under MCC 4722. We also offer electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and fraud prevention.

Customized Accounts and Management

Standard merchant accounts don’t have flexibility; you need a customized account to deal with high volume transactions. With time, your travel business will expand and limited payment methods won’t work. High risk accounts should have features such as “cash control and cash flow” management.

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High Risking Account in Multiple Currencies

Don’t choose a Payment service provider who doesn’t deal in multiple currencies. There are a number of possibilities when you expand your business on the internet. You can sell Travel packages to clients from other parts of the world. A Merchant account in multiple currencies can be a good future investment. For suppose, if you are a UK based merchant and you receive payment in dollars, your account should act as a bridge between two difference currencies.

Fraud Detection

Travel agencies and Tour operators are high risking businesses, which mean there is high possibility of frauds. A technical system that assists you to predict reliability and authenticity of a transaction is what you need. It can protect your high risk account from frauds with the help of information gathered. A system that gives special attention to larger transactions.

Merchant Stronghold design systems that use various parameters to counter fraud and protect your business. Factors such as card’s country and previous history are integrated to process authentic transactions only. Our technology is constantly being refined to offer greater protection to businesses such as Travel Agencies and tour operators. Accept or decline decision transaction is based on the data gathered, it provides defense and help business prosper. One of the ways to ensure your business stays away from frauds is by using real time payment processing. These things can be integrated in your new or old website; we can also make a custom account for you with high fraud detection.

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