Downtime in a Payment Gateway and Backup Options

Payment Gateway Outages

Payment Gateway Outages:The customer becomes very insecure when it comes to the payment and methods of payment he uses. Whenever there is an error message or delay in payment, the chances of the customer staying on the website becomes little.

The various merchants use different types of backups for downtime errors whenever the customer is trying to make a payment. Nowadays, technology has advanced and made payment system much easier and convenient, however, it is still important to avoid errors.

What an outage can do?

  • An outage can lose your payment.
  • An outage can lose your customer.
  • An outage can lose your rating and productivity.
  • An outage can reduce your company’s credibility.

The usage of the Internet and the electronic payment, net-banking etc. is very much trusted nowadays. Naturally, the payment gateway, which you have provided to the customer for processing the payment, may experience a technical glitch. But when there is a problem there is a way.

Payment Security for Merchant

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Payment Security for Merchant

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 Some solutions are:

  • Infrastructure: you can enhance the infrastructure and hardware resources of the tool.
  • Increase reconciliation: Increase accounting and reconciliation so that when the outage occurs, you can provide your customers with the correct status.
  • Safe fallback option: Provide different types of payment method options such as Credit cards, ACH EFT etc. to your customers so that they do not doubt you.

Yet speaking for all these issues and their respective solutions, we still face unintended problems somewhere or the other. Even if all would be good there could still be an issue from the customer’s end. The problems are unending but it is just a matter of customer handling and acquisition. One can just be the best in the business with ethical practices and by adopting a healthy way to handle the business.

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Payment Gateway Outages

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