Eliminate complexity from collecting payments

Collecting the sales you worked so hard to generate should be simple and seamless. Our platform is fully integrated to enable invoicing, billing, collection, and related communications all in one place.

MerchantStronghold ™  facilitates online purchases from a merchant’s website and helps them to collect payment from the end customers through E-Check, Credit and Debit Cards etc. It is an intermediary that assembles the online payment options offered by various banks, And cash card brands onto a single platform with minimum technical integration with merchant website.

With Merchant Stronghold merchant Service:

  • Get up and running with the mobile card reader in a matter of minutes
  • Connect transactions to contact records for a 360-degree customer view
  • Know exactly how much you’re earning with 100% transparent pricing

CRM Features

  • Mobility – Internet based CRM for easy and uninterrupted 24X7 access.
  • Better Customer Management – Effictive storage of customer information.
  • Analytics – Easily Analyse and understand Data through various reports available.
  • Customization – user views module according to their need.
  • Role Management – Unique facility available for each users type.
  • Simplicity – Easy to understand, handle and interpret Data.
  • Safe and Secure – Each user can only view data that is limited to their permission.