Pleasant ways to Start Merchant Accounts for Online Jewelry Stores

Merchant Accounts Online Jewelry Stores

Online Jewelry Store and Merchant Account 

Online Jewelry stores always get NO! as an answer for Merchant accounts. Banks and processors deem this industry as a high risk, and many will not support online jewelers because of that. Be that as it may, there is no unenthusiastic to discuss, We can help to enable organizations to get approval on a high-risk merchant account for online jewelry stores.

Why Online Jewelry stores are high-risk Businesses

There are a couple of reasons organizations in this industry are being tagged a high risk business.  Online jewelry stores regularly offer high ticket things and have large and vast transaction sizes. this comes under a risk excessive for a number of banks.  It is also an industry that has a higher percentage of fraud. Regardless of whether it is by the merchant or the customer.

There are numerous merchants selling fake or bogus jewelry and there are also fraudulent customers who claim that the jewelry is fake, defective, or that they never get it.  Banks do not want to support or sponsor businesses in an industry that has a background of chargebacks. As a result, regularly can’t stay secure by the organizations themselves.  While these reasons make it harder for online specialists’ jewelers to get acceptance by processors, it is long from impossible.

We can get your online jewelry store up and process quickly.  We help many high-risk merchants get accounts approval. And, can coordinate you with the appropriate processor that has some expertise in online jewelry merchants.  We do all it takes to get your high-risk merchant account approval. And, we will work with you consistently. We specialize difficult cases like this, so we are able to get an approval ASAP.

Merchant Stronghold is the best High-Risk Merchant Account Provider in 2015, and 2016, Merchant Stronghold is focused on providing simple and affordable merchant accounts for the cosmetic and fine jewelry industry.

If you are an online jewelry business looking to get approved for a high risk merchant account, call us at (888) 622-6875 or Fill our contact us form to get started!

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Merchant Accounts Online Jewelry Stores



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