The point of Sale terminals specially designed for retail outlets is one of the efficient ways of collecting payment by swiping card. This terminal is also compliant to collect payment from mobile wallets in Wi-Fi environment.

Countertop Point of Sale terminal

If you are looking for an easy card payment acceptance solution with static POS terminal. Merchant Stronghold’s POS terminal solution is the best option for retail outlets that accepts debit and credit card payments. In addition to acceptance, this terminal also helps you to accept and check the loyalty refund transfers and cards.

EMV and other global wallet service acceptance of payment

Merchant Stronghold’s, latest technology-enabled NFC/EMV countertop solution for retail business will help you to collect payment by swiping the card or by online payment wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and others. Offering this option is actually helps you to grow the confidence of customers as most of the smartphone users prefer paying by these services. Additionally, giving the option for EMV/NFC payment will help you to be ready for liability shift to be seen in upcoming years.