The Difference Between US and European Merchant Accounts

The US and European Merchant Accounts – The US and European Merchant Accounts allow the e-commerce merchants to accept payments online using almost every major Debit or Credit Card. With the Merchant Account, the merchant can also accept the recurring credit card payments. Here we are going to discuss briefly the difference between European and US Merchant Accounts.

US Merchant AccountMerchant Stronghold:
Initially, only US banks were providing the credit card processing services to the e-commerce merchants or other stores. After seeing the successful growth in the online selling, the banks also started providing the e-commerce merchant services for the online selling to the merchants.
Now, there are several US banks that offer the e-commerce Merchant accounts, credit card processing services and other transaction services. And this rise in the number of banks affected the prices and grew to be bargain-able or competitive. Also, if the merchant is not a resident of the US then he cannot get a Merchant account. But, all this comes to an end when European e-commerce merchant accounts came into existence and became available for Merchants.

European Merchant AccountMerchant Stronghold:

In order to have a European Merchant Account or credit card processing services, a merchant does not require to be a US citizen, which means you could get a Merchant account from anywhere in the world. The European Merchant Account provides an award-winning gateway to the merchants. Now the Merchants have two options, which are the US and the European Merchant Accounts, to choose either one of them according to their convenience.

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Difference between the US and the European Merchant Accounts – Merchant Stronghold:

There is a huge difference in the prices between the US and the European Merchant Accounts in terms of the gateway, setup fees, and discount rates etc. The European merchant accounts are way higher in prices than the US Merchant Accounts. The cost of the US Merchant Accounts decreased due to the high competition among the US banks. Unlike US banks, there is no such competition for the European Merchant accounts which leads to a higher cost. European Banks offer their services all over the world while the US banks provide their services in the US only.

In terms of the quality of the services, both the banks are equal. Both the US and European Merchant Accounts offering the same credit card processing services like VISA and MasterCard etc. Even though the banks are using the best credit card processing services and security services there also be a possibility of scams. The quality can be checked in terms of the time of approval, safety, and security etc. As we are all aware that a different gateway technique is used by every credit card processing service, which helps to keep the data safe. Also, there is no difference in the time of approval between both the US and the European Merchant Accounts.

Account Setup and Monitoring:
Setting up the account is very easy for both the US and European Merchant Accounts. In case of any issue, you can always connect with the support team to fix your issues. Also, account monitoring is very crucial for your high-risk merchant account. Monitoring your account may reduce the risk of data loss and many others.

European Merchant Accounts are available for the merchants all over the world but sometimes it comes with few limitations. But the US Merchant Accounts are not available that easily. It is very difficult for the merchants to sign up for the US Merchant Accounts. Unlike the US and the European e-commerce merchant account, there are many credit card processing services, which are easily available for the merchant all over the world.
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US and European Merchant Accounts


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