Vapor Products /E-Cigarette Merchant Account Processing for High Risk Industries

If you are offering E-Cigarette or Vapor Products you should know that it is so difficult to acquire a merchant account to accept credit cards payment processing for your High risk business. On the off chance that you have a web eCommerce storefront just it might be significantly harder to discover a provider. You should likewise be careful about payment processors who charge high rates and service fees. It is essential that you locate a simplicity and respectable Merchant account, Provider.

Vapor and E-Cigarette businesses are searching desperately to find a merchant account solution to process credit card payments at a reasonable rate…

Merchant Stronghold spends significant time in helping E-Cigarette and Vapor Products get validated for low rate merchant account processing.  We work with both on web and retail businesses!  Our operators are trained & prepared to deal with your particular needs and answer the majority of your inquiries.  Merchant Stronghold has made exceptional plans with our processing associates to provide a low rate High risk Payment Gateway and additionally purpose of offer machine to require the necessities of your developing business. Regardless of the possibility that you have been turned around different suppliers for any reason there is still a very good chance Merchant Stronghold can help you get your Merchant Account approved.

Online retailers that offer vapor items such as vaporizers, tanks, e-juice , starter kits, ecigs and other related items online are viewed as high risk merchant account. In common all online e-commerce business is considered high risk because credit cards are absent, that is increasing the risk for fraud. To stoke the fire, Vapor Retailers and Ecig Merchants that offer online go out on a member of pitching to minors. Thus most banks would prefer not to guarantee the danger of this High Risk Merchant Account. Other outsider processors, for example, Paypal are always shutting Ecig and Vaporizer dealer accounts. You might get lucky and keep your account for several months. It’s only an issue of time before they do an inner review for you and understand that you’re offering an item regarded as restricted by Paypal. When Paypal discovers you, keep an eye out, in light of the fact that you will be closed down and any assets in your Paypal record will be solidified and come back to the client.

Merchant Stronghold Can Get You a Vapor Merchant Account

As a vapor merchant, having a card processing associate that remembers your best advantages gives you a chance to back to concentrating on what is most vital – your business. Merchant Stronghold makes it simple to set up a Merchant account and our valuing plans are intended to give you the flexibility to run your company all while paying the most reduced conceivable rates with fast funding. Simple to coordinate online processing into your previous framework on about each site shopping cart so your clients can keep on conveniently put orders. All Transactions are completed safe and secured so you will have a lower danger of fake rates that end up costing you more. Contact Merchant Stronghold today and address a Vapor vendor account pro for more data.

Contact us today to discuss a program that is right for your business.  Most applications are approved within 24 hours.