Multiple Fraudulent Transactions Chargebacks

Most important cause when the credit card is used without the approval of the Customer’s. In this Condition, the merchant is kept completely responsible. as you know very well, the bank allows giving the credit card to a customer. Issuing banks provide Chargeback protection for a customer if a customer has any problems regarding fraudulent transaction than a customer can file a complaint in the merchant bank. Fraudulent multiple transactions to imprint chargeback created by various transactions by a particular merchant on a single Credit Card account within in the small period of time.

Merchant Responses for Multiple Fraudulent Transactions Chargebacks:

  • If the applicable credit has been processed to the Customer’s account on all of the disputed transactions, send your acquirer proof of the credits.
  • If the customers did take part in more than one recognized transaction, provide your acquirer with applicable documentation, such as sales acknowledgment, invoices, transaction etc.
  • If applicable credit has not yet been processed on the disputed transaction or multiple fraudulent transactions, then merchant accept the chargeback.

Required Media for Fraudulent Transaction

When the customer Signed sales receipts or invoices on all transactions related to the dispute and a detailed refutation describing the differences in the sales.

Prevention of multiple Fraudulent Transactions

This type of chargeback could have serious indications for your business as it may indicate potential fraud eventful the point of sale. It also may directly be the result of a mistake by the point-of-sale panel. In either case, chargebacks of this nature want an immediate inquiry.

Prevention Fraudulent TransactionsTechniques

  • The Merchant Should Void the account that customer not participate.
  • If Multiple transactions hold from a single credit card account of the same product. Then merchant credit instantly processes.
  • The merchant should share all terms and condition with the customer and allow them to know the offers.
  • Always request to Customer to sign the orders in addition to the final business receipt
  • Qualified employees to operate point-of-sale terminals and imprinted transaction.

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