Which one are better – Offline vs Online Payment Processing?

Offline vs Online Payment Processing – Most of the money transfer is done via online payment methods now. But everybody remembers the good old days when every transaction was done using the cash money or other valuable items. Surely, many people use cash money and offline payment, widely.
There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both of the payment methods. We will discuss the difference between both in detail. For more information, feel free to contact Merchant Stronghold  anytime and get details related to Offline vs Online Payment Processing.

The difference between Offline and Online Payment Methods?

Most of us clearly understand the difference between the two payment methods that we have. As simple as it sounds, the offline method uses cash money or other valuable items to make a payment/transaction. On the other hand, the online method does not involve any physical money while making a payment.
But the thing is that many of us do not know how these payment methods are different in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In the next section of the article “Offline vs Online Payment Processing”, we will discuss a detailed difference between the both.
Advantages of Offline Payment Processing
There is a reason why most people around the globe still prefer to use cash for their daily money transaction. Some advantages of the offline method of payment are given below:

  • TThe offline transactions are transparent. This means both the lender and receiver are sure about the transaction at the moment of the deal.
  • Being a traditional method of payment makes it more trusted. People still trust the bank checks and drafts and use them for payments.
  • Offline mode of payment is direct and do not depend on any other source. For example Internet or payment gateways.
  • Easy to use and understand. Many people face difficulty with the online mode of payment.

Advantages of Online Payment Processing
In the war of Offline vs Online Payment Processing, the online method is winning so far. This is due to some advantages of this mode of payment.

  • Online method is quick and easy. You can transfer a big chunk of money with just a swipe of your finger.
  • You have the record of all the payments. This helps in reducing the payment frauds.
  • Speaking of frauds, the online methods are safer as the online payment gateway takes the responsibility of the money during the transactions.
  • You can make a transaction in any part of the world without facing the issue of currency difference.
  • Worldwide acceptance and 24*7 availability.

Disadvantages of Offline Payment Processing
There is also some disadvantage to the offline payment that makes the user go for the online method. Here is some notable disadvantage of offline payment method:

  • The offline method is limited by many factors by distance and acceptance of another party.
  • It’s not safe at all. The party on the receiving end will have to check and recheck the received payment.
  • Not recommended for the transaction of a large amount.

Disadvantages of Online Payment Processing
There is a reason why offline payment method still exists even when the online method is winning in the Offline vs Online Payment Processing. This is because the online method is not as good as it sounds.

  • Card frauds – All of us heard about the credit card and debit card fraud reports.
  • The online method requires the person’s identity in order to make the transactions.
  • Identity theft can cause the loss of money and data of an individual.

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