Safe and Secure Merchant Account for Timeshares

secure merchant account

Nowadays popularity of timeshares is increasing. People love to travel and if there is a good investment then they don’t want to miss it. Whether you want to rent or sell your timeshare on a website, your first priority should be to offer online payment service. You should offer a timely, affordable, and hassle-free process so that you can sell your property for huge profit. Here is how Merchant Stronghold can offer you online payment services for these and more:

  • Resale, rentals, and classified services
  • Attorney based timeshare services
  • Reseller clubs and tour operators
  • Timeshare Marketing and advertising companies
  • Ideal for people looking for multiple payment methods
  • Both offshore and domestic merchant services
  • High volume transactions and approval

    Merchant account for Timeshares Business

Timeshares business offers various types of packages, vacation rentals, and airfares. It is considered as high risking business because credit card processing is high trafficked. The transactions also occur via phone and internet, and customers complain about services a lot. It takes a lot of time from booking to receiving, and because of it, disputes are common. A few years back, timeshares merchants weren’t offered credit card processing because of frequent cancellations and refunds. Now merchant account providers are able to take the risk, but travel and related business must keep terms and conditions clear.

Credit card fees and charges

There are various fees associated with transactions, mostly depend on customer’s card and type of transaction. Cards such as American Express, debit, credit card, and type of business are the key factors. Banks don’t want chargebacks because these cost money so they monitor timeshares business closely. Merchants must check best processing rates and look for an online merchant account that offers high processing limit. Those timeshares businesses with chargeback rate of more than 1% are denied accounts. You should look for merchant account that offers tools to reduce the risk of chargebacks.

Trustworthy Merchant account provider

Timeshares business should seek a merchant account that is trustworthy and offer best rates. There are many strategies that can help you lower chargebacks. Effective sales and marketing methods, direct processing, and keeping records can reduce the risk.

Merchant stronghold is familiar with many credit card processors and scenarios. We offer low rates to our timeshares business owners so that they can process credit cards without having to follow bank to bank approval. We can help you by finding credit card processors best suited for your terms, conditions, and rates. Before providing you services, we inform you of advantages and disadvantages so that you are aware of possible risks and benefits. We work with businesses and individuals so that they can get the best solution. Merchant stronghold provides education so that you are satisfied with the outcome.

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Your merchant account should help you accept all types of payments without jeopardizing the security of your business, or your customers identities, no matter your business type or size.
Merchant Stronghold helps you put fraud detection/protection and card data security front-and-center.
Here are some specific ways that your Merchant Account should be working to protect your customers and your business’s private details and sensitive data in the process.

Assistance with PCI Compliance
If you process, accept or transmit credit card payments, your business
and operating systems must be in compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and (DSS) Data Security Standards guidelines at all times.

Encryption protects data in flight. Card data encryption helps protect all cardholders’ sensitive data over the course of the transaction.

Tokenization protects data at rest. Data is at rest in certain transactions where the original card number may be kept on file for future transactions.

secure merchant account



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